Bootcut Jeans

Fashion comeback: bootcut jeans

Bootcut Jeans
For years they had all but vanished from the streets and catwalks, but now bootcut jeans are back. This is great news because this classical style looks great on everyone and is easy to combine!
Bootcut Jeans
Bootcut Jeans

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Bootcut Jeans
The name “bootcut jeans” can be taken literally as these jeans were originally designed to be worn with boots. Bootcut jeans were especially popular with women in the 90s and with the fashionable 90s retro trend, they are now making a comeback. At JustFab we have a FABulous selection of ladies’ bootcut jeans - even in larger sizes.
What are bootcut jeans?

Bootcut jeans have a narrow fit down to the knee and a slight flare from the knee down. This style balances proportions and creates a flattering look for all body types. Bootcut jeans, especially in black or with a dark wash, are an excellent choice if you have heavier thighs and want a pair of trousers that downplays this. High waisted bootcut jeans will create the illusion of beautifully long legs. If you want your torso look longer, go for low rise bootcut jeans that sit on the hip.

Which shoes go with bootcut jeans?

Bootcut jeans are a true fashion marvel and can be combined with all types of shoes. A little tip for those who wish they had longer legs: buy your bootcut jeans a little longer and wear them with high heels. You’ll instantly look a little taller. As the name implies, bootcut jeans go well with boots - but in this case, you wear the jeans over the boots, not the boots over the jeans. If you have long legs, you can also opt for a stylish pair of cropped bootcut jeans. This way your boots still peak out from under the jeans creating a FABulously modern style.

Things to keep in mind when buying bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans with or without stretch? The stretchier the jeans, the more comfortable they will be, but be careful: jeans with a lot of stretch lose their shape much faster than non-elastic jeans. There are also few things to consider when making your colour choice: dark colours are more slimming than lighter colours. For those who want to look curvier, white bootcut jeans are the best choice, but light blue and grey will also work well. If, however, you want your legs to look a little slimmer, go for bootcut jeans in a classical dark blue or black.

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