Glitz and glamour: the most beautiful new bracelets

A glamorous bracelet for the perfect party look, a simple bangle around your wrist as a subtle fashion statement, charm bracelets or friendship bracelets… add the finishing touch to your outfit with the right jewellery in the form of bracelets, bangles and co.

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Earrings, rings, chains - you probably wear these fashion jewellery accessories every day. But what about bracelets? From cool to elegant, from extravagant to simple: this little accessory is the perfect way to complete your look. Round out your fashion jewellery collection by choosing a chic bracelet to suit your style!
Glamorous bracelets for the perfect party look

Silver, gold or rose gold, with or without gemstones - an elegant bracelet is the perfect eye-catching accessory for every party outfit. And if you are wearing a sleeveless dress or a dress with short sleeves, everyone will be able to see the gorgeous twinkle on your wrist. There is absolutely no reason to save your nicest bracelets for special occasions. Add a dash of glamour to your everyday life and wear your sparkling bracelets everywhere. Create a particularly stylish look by matching your bracelets to your necklace, earrings or rings - but without overdoing it, of course. Rather avoid wearing everything all at once, as this can quickly create an overloaded look.

Cool bracelets for a laid-back look

Often referred to as hippie bracelets, braided and woven bracelets from leather, imitation leather or fabric create a playful casual look. They are vaguely reminiscent of festival bracelets - only much more stylish. They are also a great choice for a friendship bracelet or even as his and hers couple’s jewellery. Wear a whole lot of these bracelets together to create a kind of cuff-look with real wow-effect. This stylish look works best with short-sleeved or sleeveless outfits because the bracelets really get a chance to shine. We also have some cool bracelets that should rather be worn on their own for a greater impact. Our trendy metal anchor bracelets are real must-have items.

Charm bracelets for a romantic look

A charm bracelet is a piece of wrist jewellery made of metal, to which one can always add new pendants or charms. This means that over the years your charm bracelet can become a real fashion project and it can provide a fantastic way to indulge a passion for collecting. Of course, every metal bracelet has the potential to become a DIY charm bracelet simply by transforming it with a few pendants – any way you like. And if you don’t have the time or inclination to spend years collecting just the right charms to create your perfect look, you can also buy a ready-made charm bracelet

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