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Sheer Bliss: How To Wear A See-Through Blouse

Sheer blouses by JustFab A sheer blouse is the IT trend for 2016, and knowing how to wear it can transform your outfit from sexy to sophisticated. To make this look work for you, here are a few fashionista-inspired tips:
1. Wear a slip under your top: Sheer blouses often show what's underneath, so layer your outfit smartly and elegantly. You can even pair a colourful slip with a white blouse or show off a cute crop top for a more playful look.
2. Keep it loose: Shop your sheer blouse in a size up, as they look best when they're floaty. A tight fit makes your look more risqué. On the same note, make sure you button up your blouse all the way.
3. Play with texture: Emphasise the sheer quality of your shirt by contrasting it with another material, such as leather trousers or a faux fur coat.
4. Go for a pattern: Opting for a bold pattern will focus the attention on your outfit, rather than the sheerness of your shirt. It can also provide more coverage, if you choose to simply layer a nice bra underneath.
5. Be safe, not sorry: Avoid embarrassing moments by always erring on the side of caution. Bear in mind that sheer fabric appears more transparent in bright lighting. If you're really worried, you can find a silk blouse, which hints at some sheerness, or even layer a light jumper over your blouse in cooler weather.
Who says see-through can't be elegant?

Beyond Business: How To Wear A Button-Down Shirt On Casual Days

Button-down shirts by JustFab A button-down shirt is a staple in any professional woman's wardrobe. They're perfect for the office and enjoying casual days out on the town. Here are five clever tips on how to pull off the look:
1. Untuck your shirt and pair it with skinny jeans and your favourite flats for a classy, yet comfy look.
2. Layer your button-down under a jumper or cardigan, leaving the collar, sleeves and hem visible for a perfectly preppy look.
3. Tie your shirt in a front knot and pair it with a flowy midi skirt and courts for a sexy, feminine twist.
4. Go for a sporty chic outfit by wearing a white button-down blouse with a pair of faux leather leggings and trainers. By the way, if you're tired of always wobbling around the office in heels, check out our post on how to wear trainers to work (and get away with it).
5. Opt for a button-down tunic, and wear it as a dress. Pair it with knee-high socks, boots and a long cardigan.
Now, you're all set to take your go-to office essential out on the streets!


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