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Mini, midi or maxi - no matter what length you prefer we’ll show you how to style your skirts. You’ll be able to create trendy mix & match looks in a flash, just like the fashion bloggers and “it” girls.

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Have you heard about the hemline index? According to this theory, skirt lengths are a predictor of economic performance; in times of economic prosperity, ladies’ skirts are short and in bad times, they are longer. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but either way, this season’s motto is: the trendiest length is whichever length you prefer. This autumn/winter 2017/2018 season, red skirts and chequered skirts are especially fashionable, covering this season’s hottest colour and pattern trends. At JustFab we bring you all the latest fashions in skirts, from size 10 to 26. And we’ll even tell you the best ways to style all the different lengths.
How to style a miniskirt

Miniskirts, especially colourful ones, exude a trendy 60s vibe. Shorter ladies look particularly good in miniskirts because the short length creates the illusion of longer legs. But with just a few styling tips everyone can rock the miniskirt, regardless of body type: if you want to hide wide hips or strong thighs, it is best to avoid a really short, tight-fitting skirt; instead, opt for a flared knee-length skirt. Even in winter, miniskirts are a popular choice and look great combined with a pair of thick stockings or leggings. When it comes to picking the right shoe for the outfit, just about anything goes: from flats to heels, from sneakers to boots - they all look FABulous with a miniskirt.

How to style a midi skirt

Midi skirts - from knee length to calf length - are in high demand. A word of caution: as trendy as these skirts are, they don’t look good on everyone. Taller ladies with lean legs will have no problem wearing an elegant, knee-length skirt. Unfortunately, this is not a flattering look for big girls. A flared hem like an A-line skirt or Rockabilly style are a better choice. If you have stronger calves, combining your midi skirt with high heels will make your calves look slimmer. This is also a great trick for shorter girls who want to add a little extra height.

How to style a maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are a real fashion godsend because no matter what body type you are, a long dress or skirt always looks good. There is only one rule when it comes to styling a maxi skirt: wide skirts should always be paired with a tight top - and tight skirts with a loose-fitting top. Long skirts look especially FABulous when it comes to larger sizes and create a flattering look for girls with wider hips and heavier legs. Shorter ladies can hide their heels in a maxi skirt, letting them disappear under the long skirt. Looking for a skirt for a special occasion? Pair your maxi skirt with an evening top to conjure up your own personal sophisticated red-carpet look.

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