Straight Jeans

Fashion classics: straight jeans

Straight Jeans
If you want a pair of jeans that will be just as fashionable 10 years from now as they are today, then you need to invest in a pair of straight jeans!
Straight Jeans
Straight Jeans

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Straight Jeans
Are you looking for an absolute classic, a fashion basic you can rely on? Then have a look at our stylish straight jeans. At JustFab we have a FABulous selection of straight jeans, from classical dark wash jeans to trendy distressed jeans. And it goes without saying that we also have straight jeans in large sizes for our plus sized fashionistas.
What are straight jeans?

You might be asking yourself: “what are straight jeans?” Simply put: straight jeans are jeans with a straight cut. They are sometimes also called “slim jeans” or “slim straight jeans”. An important point to note is that these jeans have a slim fit, not a tight fit like skinny jeans. They have a straight cut all the way down, so unlike the flare jeans and bootcut jeans, there is absolutely no flare. It is this characteristic straight cut that makes these jeans a timeless all-rounder. Straight jeans in dark colours that reach all the way down to the floor create the illusion of elegantly long legs. And if you’re looking for straight jeans that are smart enough to pull off a “business casual” look, go for darker colours like black or dark blue.

Who can wear straight jeans?

We’ve got some good news: straight jeans are the most versatile jeans ever because they suit absolutely everyone. Curvy women look especially fantastic in straight cut jeans because these marvellous trousers conceal all our problem areas, including bums and hips, creating an overall slim silhouette. The usual colour rule applies to straight jeans as well: dark colours are more slimming that lighter shades. So, if you want to look a little slimmer, opt for black straight jeans or jeans with a dark wash. Petite ladies who want to add a little height, on the other hand, should go for straight jeans with a high waist; this style can make you look a little taller. And the best part: straight cut jeans suit women of every age. From teen girls to mature ladies, everyone looks timelessly chic in straight jeans.

How to style straight jeans

There’s even more good news: not only do straight jeans look good on everyone, they also look good with just about everything. Pair them with a t-shirt, a button-down shirt or a turtle neck for a simple, unisex look or wear them with a tunic blouse with elaborate embroidery, a glamorous evening top or a mix and match layered look inspired by your favourite fashion blogger. Your straight cut jeans can pull off just about every look. Even when it comes to footwear, you can stay flexible – because these denim classics look great whether you wear them with flats like ballerinas, sneakers and trendy moccasins or with high heels or boots.

At JustFab you can buy your classical straight jeans online and at affordable prices. And the best part: all new VIP members receive a 75% discount on their first pair of straight jeans!

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