Flare Jeans

Trendy & stylish: the new flare jeans

Flare Jeans
Flare Jeans, also known as kick flare jeans or flared jeans are the hottest trend in jeans this autumn/winter 2017/2018 season. We have a few tips and tricks for you on how to wear this stylish trend.
Flare Jeans
Flare Jeans

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Flare Jeans
Women’s flare jeans or flared jeans are super trendy, especially high waisted flare jeans. But “cropped flare jeans” also create a FABulous look, especially when they have frayed ends, giving them a rocker-chic vibe. Use this ultramodern style to create your own “it” girl inspired looks. And it goes without saying that at JustFab, we have these trendy flare jeans in large sizes as well.
What are flared jeans?

Flared jeans are tight fitting down to the knee and from the knee down they have a wide flare. The big difference between bootcut jeans and flared jeans is the flare; the flared jeans have a much wider cut - a modern version of the good old bell bottoms for a sexy “Charlie’s Angels” look. Flared jeans, especially those with a high waist, create the illusion of super long legs. Just be careful with the cropped flared jeans as these can make you look out of proportion if they are not styled correctly. The flared leg is also a very flattering look for curvier girls because it creates a visual balance for the bum, hips and thighs. The wide leg is also great for hiding heavier calves.

Which shoes do I wear with flared jeans?

Flared jeans look great with just about any shoe. Wear them with flat shoes like sneakers or trendy moccasins for a laid-back style or pair them with pumps for a classically elegant look. A convenient side effect: combining your flared jeans with high heels creates the illusion of infinitely long legs. For a super trendy look, wear a pair of cropped flared jeans with boots, letting the boots peek out from under the jeans. This becomes an incredibly stylish look with an edgier pair of boots - for example boots in a vibrant colour or in a trendy pattern for the autumn/winter 2017/2018 season!

What goes well with flared jeans?

One of the few fashion rules to always keep in mind: wear tight tops with loose bottoms and vice versa. In terms of our wide flared jeans this means: wear these trendy trousers with a tight-fitting top - and when it comes to the cropped flared jeans, make sure that the top is not too long as this can visually shorten your legs making you look disproportionate. To make this look work, choose a shorter top or tuck your top into the trousers. Otherwise, the rule is: anything goes!

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